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Endodontics in Stockbridge, GA

If your dentist has referred you to our endodontist in Stockbridge, he or she believes that you could benefit from a root canal. There is no need to fear the term root canal as the procedure will actually relieve your pain, not cause more. The pressure on the inside of your tooth is what is causing your pain, fortunately, root canal therapy can eliminate the pressure. At Dental One Associates at Eagles Landing, we do our best to put everyone at ease, however, if you are anxious for your appointment, please let us know.

What Is the Difference Between a Dentist and an Endodontist?

Endodontists are dentists who have elected to complete at least an additional two years of training in diagnosing the causes of dental pain, and issues with dental pulp and the surrounding tissues. Endodontics is an American Dental Association recognized specialty; only three percent of dentists go on to become endodontists. Like so many other medical terms, endodontic comes from two Greek words, “endo” and “odont” meaning inside tooth.

Why Do People Visit Endodontists?

Dentists usually refer root canals to endodontists.Typically our endodontist in Stockbridge can perform your root canal therapy in one visit, however, two visits may be necessary in certain cases.

A qualified endodontist can diagnose the cause of your tooth pain and perform a root canal which will eliminate your pain and save your tooth. It is always better to save the tooth because nothing functions as well as a natural tooth.

Endodontics has charged a great deal over the past few decades, with technological advancements and research focused on creating procedures that preserve the natural tooth. When you need a root canal it is because the soft inner pulp of the tooth is damaged, infected or inflamed. The pulp contains nerves, connective tissue and blood vessels all of which are incredibly important for your tooth, and will cause serious pain if damaged or infected.

What Happens During a Visit to an Endodontist Office?

When you visit our root canal specialist in Stockbridge, it is similar to a dental visit; we ask for your medical history, a list of medications that you are currently taking and we’ll take x-rays. Next, our endodontist numbs the area so you do not experience any pain and then he or she explains what the root canal procedure entails. The inflamed, infected pulp of the tooth is extracted through a small hole that is drilled into the tooth. The nerves are removed as well, so you may feel a mild discomfort. However, after a successful root canal you will not experience the agonizing tooth pain that you felt before the procedure.

After finishing, the hole is irrigated and temporarily filled. Additional treatment, which can usually be done by your dentist, involves covering the tooth with a crown or placing a permanent filling in the tooth. You’ll be prescribed antibiotics and a pain reliever, if necessary.

You can expect your root canal appointment to last from one to two hours.

Call Dental One Associates at Eagles Landing Today to Schedule Your Consultation With a Root Canal Expert in Stockbridge If you need endodontics in Stockbridge, we look forward to serving you by making your experience as pleasant and pain-free as possible. We endeavor to be known as the office with the best endodontist in Stockbridge. If you are in pain, do not wait, call us at (770) 872-0728 and we will see you as soon as we can.

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